We create truly innovative and cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Our focus is with small and medium sized companies to develop strong and loyal relationships with our clients.

Whether you are looking for a review of your employee benefits plan or structuring the funding for a shareholder’s agreement we have the team and expertise to help. We have over 27 years of experience in the business marketplace as an independent broker with access to all major Canadian insurance carriers.

Employee Benefit Plans
  • This includes traditional insured benefits as well as Administrative Only Services (ASO) and Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA) plan designs.
Group Retirement Services
  • Pensions
  • Group RSP’s
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plans
Employee insurance services
  • Corporate Insurance & Succession Planning Needs
  • Buy/Sell agreement funding
  • Key Person Insurance for Life, Critical Illness and Disability
  • Capital Gains Liability funding
  • Corporate Asset transfers
  • Shared Ownership plans.

We use a customized approach to understand your needs through the following tools:

  • Identifying corporate goals and how HR programs can be developed
  • Employee surveys
  • Market survey of existing group plan to ensure competitive rates
  • Review of HR policies to ensure liability and labour standards concerns are addressed
  • Recommendations for cost containment through plan design changes
  • Ongoing management of group plans


Can a smoker get life insurance?

Smokers can get a life insurance policy, but they will pay a higher price for the coverage. The risk factors associated with smoking are well-known and insurance companies consider smokers high-risk candidates. Most life insurance companies consider you a non-smoker if you have quit for 12 months, which will allow you to qualify for better rates after a year of being nicotine-free.

You should…

Regularly review your life insurance policy and amend it if your circumstances change. Examples could be the birth of a child, a change in occupation or an increase in your debt.

When should you purchase travel coverage?

As soon as you have paid for your trip, you are at risk, so secure coverage as soon as you have booked your vacation.

Multi-trip travel insurance

If you travel several times a year, it often makes sense to purchase a multi-trip insurance policy as opposed to getting a single-trip policy every time.

Coverage is more important than price

You will most likely pay a premium for good quality coverage that meets your specific needs. It helps to compare rates. Our agents will do this for you to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your cost limit.

Why consult with a Licensed Financial Professional?

A financial professional can help you factor in financial considerations, as well as the specific needs for yourself and your family.

Are you protected?

Did you know that Mortgage insurance sold through your bank is only designed to protect the lender, and not the homeowner?

Play with the deductible

If possible, find out whether changing the deductible will make any difference to the price. Often, a higher deductible means a lower premium. Rather than cutting back on coverage, raising the deductible will give you maximum peace of mind with minimum risk.

Elmer Letterman

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

Don’t underestimate the value of a stay at home parent

Legal & General released a report revealing that replacing the work of a full-time stay at home parent can cost upwards of $40,000 a year.