Disclosure Statement

Companies Lifestyle Financial Represents
Lifestyle Financial represent several insurers, but place the majority of our business with TuGo.

If you choose to purchase a product through Lifestyle Financial, Lifestyle Financial will be paid a sales commission by the company that provides the product you purchase.
Lifestyle Financial may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep that policy in force.
Lifestyle Financial may also be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses, or non-monetary benefits, such as travel incentives, depending on various factors such as the volume or persistency of business that Lifestyle Financial places with a particular company during a given time period.
The staff at Lifestyle Financial are all licensed by the Insurance Council of B.C. to conduct Life and A&S insurance business and receive a salary.

It is our intent to ensure you are informed, and understand the implications of, this disclosure including any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest associated with Lifestyle Financial in relation to any recommendations made.

Should you require additional information about our qualifications or the nature of our business relationships, we would be pleased to assist you.